Uniqlo recently held a press preview of its 2020 Spring/Summer collection in an event held in Taguig City. In line with its commitment to sustainability - in materials and in the creation of their products - the theme for its S/S collection is Livable Cities.

Divided into three categories, the 2020 S/S collection embodies the brand's enduring commitment to keeping people comfortable and making life better.

2020 Uniqlo 20SS 01

Outdoors - Bringing urban and natural landscapes together through design

The Outdoors collection celebrates the convenience and functionality of cityscapes and natural environs to materialize better living. The line is characterized by light clothing with pops of bright colors that is perfect for our unpredictable tropical climate and the coming summer season. This category features casual pieces like shorts, pants, shirts, and light jackets that would look good as resort wear as well as in an urban setting.

Some of the category highlights include BLOCKTCH parkas that protect from the wind and rain, as well as dry sweatpants that offer excellent ease of movement and quick-drying material that are perfect for everyday and sport use. Another standout is the pocketable UV cut parkas that are light and compact, and easy to bring along wherever you go. Uniqlo's light padded parkas that can warm you after watersports have modern silhouettes that make them versatile pieces that can be layered with everyday wear.

2020 Uniqlo 20SS 02

Work & Craft - Back to basics

For the Work & Craft category, much focus was placed on organic materials, functionality, and attention to detail. Included in the collection are multi-use pieces that can go from office to leisure activities without needing to change.

Jogger Cargo Pants look great at the office, and with their relaxed styling, can go straight to the farm after work without needing to change. Casually styled Linen Cotton Jackets match well with Polo Shirts in the bright hues of fresh produce harvested from rooftops.

2020 Uniqlo 20SS 03

Art & Design - Inspiring creativity with functional beauty

In this category, the designers employed new ideas in minimalism, long and lean silhouettes, and made use of a mineral color-inspired palette.

Included in the collection are pieces that are ideal for our climate. Kando jackets that are popular with office folk are ideal for our climate because of their light colors and blazer styling, plus the use of light fabric that offers exceptional stretch for easy movement. Sporty polo shirts incorporate AIRism comfort features that make them perfect for summer layered looks. Slim-fit tailored jackets employ a linen-like fabric to keep wearers looking and feeling elegantly cool.

2020 Uniqlo 20SS HanaTajima

HANA TAJIMA FOR UNIQLO is a collection that expresses the world’s rich cultural diversity with graceful forms and exceptional comfort. The partnership between New York-based fashion designer Hana Tajima and Uniqlo enters its sixth year in 2020. Drawing inspiration from nature, these universal designs with a unique discriminating sense incorporated in fine details and focused on comfort, warmly support the everyday lifestyles of all women.

The collection abandons the conventional thinking of adapting bodies to fit clothes. Instead, the aim of HANA TAJIMA FOR UNIQLO is to have pieces that adapt to such body diversity and gently support the wearer. Rather than forcing bodies to fit into conventional sizes, these clothes flexibly change to match individual forms. The shift to this extremely simple idea frees women from stress and worry over clothing, and provides them with an element of strength to wear.

The 2020 S/S collection color palette is centered on light yellow and comprises many calm hues taken from plant life.

2020 Uniqlo 20SS JWAnderson

Themed “British Country Style,” the collection from designer Jonathan Anderson is the first to include items for children. This new line brings together the functionality and details of LifeWear with his playful take on such traditional British patterns as gingham check and patchwork. Commenting on today’s announcement, Jonathan Anderson said, “I’m looking forward to seeing our latest collection with Uniqlo in stores. It feels new and fresh but still has our JW Anderson signatures. And with the addition of Kids, there is really something for EVERYONE.”

HANA TAJIMA FOR UNIQLO and JW Anderson are scheduled for release at the end of March.