Uniqlo LifeWear clothing recently held the media preview of its 2020 Fall/Winter collection. Known worldwide for its stylish yet easy-to-wear clothing, the Japanese brand featured new pieces from designers Hana Tajima and Ines dela Fressange, as well as some from its established house lines.

2020 Uniqlo FW HanaTajima

Hana Tajima for Uniqlo 2020 Fall / Winter | Photo by Uniqlo Press

LifeWear clothing is made from high quality materials that provide superior comfort: all aimed to provide ease when staying at home or doing daily tasks, to help stay stress-free when working, and to give support in keeping active and healthy. The brand is also committed to using ethically produced and sustainable materials for their products. Majority its catalog can be categorized One-Mile Wear -- the Japanese concept where outfits are smart enough to run errands in (one mile from home) while also being basic enough to be considered loungewear.

For the preview, the pieces were presented into three categories: The Outdoors, Work and Craft, and Art and Design - all adhering to the brand's theme of Sustainable Cities.

2020 Uniqlo FW InesDLF

Uniqlo / Ines dela Fressange 2020 Fall / Winter | Photo by Uniqlo Press


UNIQLO AIRism has gained many followers in the country because it is perfect for our weather.

It has comfort conditioning technology that wicks away moisture, releases heat, and absorbs sweat for maximum comfort. This season, Uniqlo showcases its complete range of AIRism, with pieces for men, women, kids, and babies.

2020 Uniqlo FW AIRism

AIRism | Photo by Uniqlo Press


Clothes with functionality and design that can be used seamlessly from everyday life to staying active. The Sport Utility Wear lineup is made to be worn for work, for play, as well as for staying healthy and active.

This is category is composed of the following collections: DRY-EX with ultra quick drying functionalty; AIRism that disperses moisture, releases heat and moves sweat away from skin to keep you cool and comfortable; and Ultra Stretch that includes 360-degree stretch fabric that expands and contracts as you move. 

2020 Uniqlo FW WorkCraft

Work and Craft | Photo by Uniqlo Press


Uniqlo's bottoms line include it's newly renamed Smart Ankle Pants which uses wrinkle-resistant stretchy fabric; its entire jeans line , and men's and women's short pants that are available in a variety of lengths, designs, and materials such as denim, linen, cotton, satin, dry stretch, chino, jersey, and kando.

2020 Uniqlo FW Bottoms

Bottoms | Photo by Uniqlo Press


Uniqlo offers an extensive line-up of T-shirts with different silhouettes, textures and colors. These include shirts of varying sleeve lengths and materials.


Dresses by Uniqlo are available in different silhouettes, lengths, and colors, perfect for casual or smart wear. 


UNIQLO offers everything from on-trend casual items to functional activewear, to cater to diverse lifestyles and choices, and to meet the new needs. For women, this includes casual pieces like parkas under the Pocketable and Blocktech lines, as well as textured suede jackets and tailored tweed jackets with a masculine touch for stylish pieces. For men, jackets for both casual and business occasions include parkas, classic tailored and corduroy items.

2020 Uniqlo FW Outdoors

Outdoors | Photo by Uniqlo Press


In 2003, UNIQLO introduced HEATTECH based on innovative technology developed with its partner, Toray Industries. Since then, numerous features have been added to this warm innerwear. For 20FW, plastic packaging has been replaced, with some exceptions, by more sustainable paper alternatives.

This season, women have more options in terms of colors, patterns, and designs for better outfit coordination. For the men, this season’s offerings come in a myriad of vibrant colors. Alternately, the Extra Warm collection now offers items with a deep gray color. Other highlights in this collection include long sleeved Ultra Warm pieces (in replacement of the half sleeved Ultra Warm versions) and Turtleneck and crew neck shirts made available in five hues.

2020 Uniqlo FW ArtDesign

Art and Design | Photo by Uniqlo Press


For those who are in colder weather, down jackets are warm, functional, and stylish, and are continually evolving. Uniqlo introduces its line of Ultra Light Down jackets with witty prints and seasonal designs. New hues for women’s jackets include plum, green, and lemon-yellow.

Hybrid down jackets are a step beyond regular down outerwear and feature enhanced designs and functionality. Uniqlo has added detachable hoods to women’s coats and pinched the waists on down jackets to create a more elegant look. For the men, the new line of parkas enables the wearer to move around easily, and the coats have become lighter, following a detailed design review. Men’s seamless down jackets incorporate a new three-dimensional design that does not restrict arm movements.

UNIQLO’s down recycle program, which started from September 2019, to last until March 2020, has so far collected 620,000 pieces of down outerwear. The collected down will be reused as part of new recycled down products from this season.

2020 Uniqlo FW U

Uniqlo U | Photo by Uniqlo Press

Most of Uniqlo's 2020 Fall / Winter collection is now available in stores. Pieces by Inez is scheduled to drop by mid-September, while Uniqlo U will be out by October.

Checkout Uniqlo's offerings at www.uniqlo.com/ph/en/.