You can always make a greener choice, even in the petroleum industry. Unioil proves this through its long-running efforts to reduce the company’s impact on the environment.

A pioneer in greener fuel

Aside from being the first independent petroleum company in the Philippines to operate a network of service stations, Unioil is also known as the trailblazer in introducing European standard fuels in the local market. In September 2017, they were the first oil company to make Euro 5 fuels available in the Philippines across all variants, in all its stations. These fuels contain 5x less sulfur than Euro 4 fuels--containing 10ppm and 50ppm of sulfur, respectively.

Doing its part

Unioil believes that climate change is a real threat that we must try to de-escalate through sustainable practices. That’s why following the release of Euro 5 fuels in the market, Unioil further solidified its stance on the environment by launching its “Doing Our Part” campaign in November 2017. With this, the company implemented several ways to reduce the carbon footprint of its business operations.

This included solar-powered “hybrid” service stations, the first of which can be found along Congressional Avenue Extension, in Quezon City. The station is equipped with solar panels from SmartflowerTM, the global leader in intelligent solar energy, which is 40% more efficient than conventional ones. Each unit reduces the company’s carbon footprint by 4.7 metric tons annually--equivalent to planting approximately 5,000 trees per year.

The same Quezon City branch houses the first-ever Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station that was launched that year. This was followed by the second one that opened in June 2018 in Unioil Guadalupe EDSA Makati. These EV charging stations are equipped with three (3) charging protocols, compatible with most Japanese, European, and American electric vehicles.

Going digital

Unioil now encourages cashless payments through its mobile app. The Unioil Mobile App, launched last July 2020, provides a seamless mobile experience for its consumers’ digital needs. Its cashless and contactless payment features are especially helpful during the pandemic. The app is offered to both new and existing Unioil Loyalty cardholders.

Monitoring its environmental impact

Unioil had already taken steps to monitor its environmental impact way before the “Doing Our Part” campaign. As an advocate of clean air and sustainability, the petroleum company has been monitoring air quality data since 2016. It has strategically placed its air monitoring stations in key cities in the Philippines, with more than 26 stations providing live data to the public, free of charge. These Philippine air quality scores may be viewed at www.airvisual.com.

These efforts have been recognized and welcomed by the Department of Environment & Natural Resources-Environment Management Bureau (DENR-EMB) in November 2017. Today, the data Unioil gathers are used to support the air quality monitoring component of the Philippine Clean Air Act.

Because of this, Unioil was awarded as a “Clean Air Champion” by the Clean Air Philippines Movement, Inc. (CAPMI). This recognition is given to individuals and entities whose initiatives help reduce pollution and promote clean air.