National Heroes Day honors the gallant men and women in Philippine history whose courageous acts propelled the country to grow as a nation. Today, Filipino heroism takes on a whole new meaning as frontliners who put their lives on the line to help fight the coronavirus crisis are seen as the new breed of heroes.

Pilipinas Shell stands together with the country by saluting these modern-day heroes who play a vital role in this unprecedented time of uncertainty.

The Filipino resilience and our Bayanihan spirit have seen us through our toughest times as a people---and working together as one, we can win back our lives, bring healing to the most vulnerable among us, and restart our economy, “ says Pilipinas Shell Vice President for Retail Randy Del Valle.

On August 31, every time a medical frontliner gasses up in Shell stations, forecourt service champions will place their hands on their chest in a profound gesture of gratitude and encouragement. Customers in the stations will also be encouraged to honk their car horns and make the traditional military salute. Del Valle said, “Our doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals have shown us the way by their unwavering example in courage and selflessness. They are our modern-day heroes---and it is only just that we honor them during National Heroes Day.

To keep up with the uncertain times, Shell Helix Oil change + Lube Bays currently act as hubs of maintenance and disinfection at Shell Service Stations. This is where customers can have their vehicles rechecked, recalibrated, and cleansed. Motorists are entitled to a free car interior sanitation service for each oil change package they avail of.

Shell’s commitment to the country

 Kaya natin sumulong. We are a courageous people, and we can move forward despite the challenges we see before us,” Del Valle maintained.

National Heroes Day also means collaboration for the common good and public welfare. Aside from the healthcare workers, the other frontliners that Shell is honoring are the farmers who are responsible for the continuous supply of food to the people, especially during hard economic times.

Pilipinas Shell, through its Pilipinas Shell Foundation Inc. (PSFI), runs the Para sa Bayani (For Our Heroes) program which is anchored on the development of agriculture, the creation of livelihood, and the production of crops and other food items. Para Sa Bayani is composed of three other projects:  Ani Para sa Bayani (Harvest for Our Heroes), Tulong Para sa Bayani (Help for Our Heroes), and Proteksyon Para sa Bayani (Protection for Our Heroes).

Under the Ani Para sa Bayani program, PSFI regularly supplies crops to MAYANI, a social impact-driven online platform that delivers fresh vegetables and fruits to customers, in order to help partner farmers increase their income. This program also helps in providing health workers in the NCR with healthy and nutritious meals. Meanwhile, the Tulong Para sa Bayani program distributed 11,750 relief packages to displaced workers and their families based in Shell’s many areas of operation. The third component of the program, Proteksyon Para sa Bayani, increased the frontliners’ safety levels by equipping them with around 8,013 personal protective equipment (PPE).

This last venture was partly made possible with Shell’s existing partnership with the Batangas-based SIBBAP Multipurpose Cooperative, whose seamstresses pivoted from sewing school uniforms and eco-bags to produce face masks, face shields, and PPEs, which are also being sold at Shell Retail outlets.

In line with its National Heroes Day campaign, Shell will be highlighting the importance of food and its producers by giving its customers 1kg of rice every time they purchase either single or accumulated purchase of Shell V-Power Fuels worth P1500 or Shell FuelSave Fuels worth P2,000. This promotion, which will take place from September 1-30, is valid for cash, credit card, and mobile transactions only.

Pilipinas Shell and its staff continue to discover innovative products and solutions that will provide important support to customers, especially frontliners, who are devoting their lives to win the war against the pandemic while encouraging each one of us to do our own share.

Susulong at susulong tayong mga mamamayang Pilipino,” Del Valle affirmed. “Every day we live can be a day that we make a stand and a choice to fight back and prevail. All of us can be champions. That is how we will overcome this pandemic, and forge a brighter future for ourselves, our families, and our country.

For more information about Shell in the Philippines, visit Shell.com.ph.