"Only a Volkswagen can build a Volkswagen" is the statement uttered by Volkswagen Philippines president Felipe Estrella III that resonated throughout the lengthy conference call with media last week. It was to stress that no matter where a Volkswagen is produced -- whether in Europe, North America, South America, or Asia and Africa - it benefits from the same R&D and quality control set by the brand.

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The brand has recently been criticized for replacing its original, albeit more popular, model lineup with nameplates produced in their China factory. But for VW Philippines, sourcing its offerings from China is just a matter of markets. "Why would I get a vehicle sourced from Europe when I can sell a similarly specced vehicle sourced from China for P500,000 less?" Estrella said. "The only issue is friction cost. Not material cost, not build quality, not technology. It's just friction cost," he added.

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Volkswagen Philippines President Felipe Estrella III and Volkswagen's new logo |Image from Volkswagen PH

New Logo

Adhering to its theme “Crossing Paths Anew with Volkswagen,” VW Philippines executives also presented the refreshed and re-designed Volkswagen logo, which now symbolizes the flexibility, versatility, and the “digital-first” quality of the brand.

Volkswagen’s worldwide push to be more energetic, vibrant, and electric has, in fact, become a reality, as the automaker had launched its initial models from the ID. Family – its offering of fully electric vehicles (EVs). Now, it is well on its way to introducing six more EVs in the next three years. In this regard, the possibility of introducing Volkswagen EVs into the local market now seems closer to reality.

Global Offerings

Also confirmed during the meeting is the upcoming launch of the brand's global vehicle, the Volkswagen T-Cross subcompact SUV. The T-Cross is Volkswagen’s first subcompact SUV and is produced in three key facilities worldwide–Brazil, China, and Germany. Globally, it was launched simultaneously in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Sao Paulo in Brazil, and Shanghai in China that garnered exceptional sales performance across worldwide markets. This underlines the automaker’s point that “only a Volkswagen can build a Volkswagen” as exemplified by the same global standard for each vehicle that rolls out of the production facility which is engineered and designed under Volkswagen’s high tolerance for quality and safety in order to ensure that the badge speaks of the unmistakable Volkswagen quality. The T-Cross is set to launch by the end of Q2.

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Aside from the Volkswagen T-Cross, the Volkswagen is also set to introduce up to two more models within the year—all proudly bearing the Volkswagen global standard of design and engineering. Because none of the executives would drop hints despite the not so discrete cajoling of the media, we will just have to wait and see what they are.

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To know more about Volkswagen Philippines and its roster of cars and services, log on to www.volkswagen.com.ph.