Mazda owners with vehicles equipped with the Mazda Connect infotainment system can now expand the functionality of their cars’ infotainment system to work with CarPlay and Android Auto. One of the most basic functions of the upgrade is that it now enables the system to connect to more than one source so that Waze can work in the background while you listen to your favorite tunes.

The upgrade kit is available for Mazda vehicles from model year 2014 onwards equipped with the Mazda Connect system. Aside from the new system module, the kit also includes higher capacity USB ports that can accommodate simultaneous smartphone charging and data transfer as well as an official software update to allow the smartphone operating system to work with Mazda Connect.

There has been a strong demand for the Mazda Connect system to be able to work seamlessly with popular smartphone applications,” shared Steven Tan, president and CEO of Bermaz Auto Philippines. “We hear our customers and now we have made available the official Mazda hardware kit that expands Mazda Connect features to include navigation, music, and even search applications. The upgrade kit retains the full functionality designed into Mazda Connect that makes it intuitive and safe to control by both driver and passenger” he added,

The upgraded Mazda Connect system allows control of popular smartphone functions through the vehicle’s touchscreen while the vehicle is parked, via the Commander Control Knob while the vehicle is in motion, or through Voice Recognition, which is already an existing control feature of the infotainment system. 

The Mazda smartphone mirroring upgrade kit is being offered at PHP 17,500 + VAT inclusive of installation by trained Mazda technicians. Interested parties may inquire or visit any Mazda dealership to make a reservation and schedule installation.

For more information about Mazda in the Philippines, visit www.mazda.ph.