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The all-new Mazda BT-50

Mazda Philippines entered a new era of adventure and active lifestyle mobility when it launched the all-new Mazda BT-50. Rebuilt from the ground up, Mazda's newest offering melds the simplicity and dynamism of Kodo Soul of Motion Design with the real-world practicality, durability, and versatility of a solid new platform.  As expected, the truck fuses together premium car-like comfort, elegance, and style with the strength, stance, and functionality of a dedicated workhorse.

The all-new Mazda BT-50 is the pickup we have all been waiting for,” said Mazda Philippines president and CEO, Steven Tan. “The new BT-50 brings power, stature, and prestige into the pickup market as it sits proudly among the rest of our Kodo Soul of Motion-inspired lineup. It is a confident expression of strength and versatility tempered by style and boldness that will allow its driver to experience life to the fullest. Our customers will surely find in the new BT-50 the same premium quality, comfort, durability, and driving satisfaction that they have come to expect from every Mazda.

The BT-50 traces its roots from the Mazda B1500 B-series truck launched in Japan way back in 1961. Its long history as a workhorse, not only in the Philippines but also around the world, has established for itself a solid reputation of dependability and reliability over the years. In the last 60 years, it has evolved from a very capable cargo hauler into a stylish active lifestyle vehicle ready for business or leisure. The new BT-50 plays a key role in Mazda’s lineup for promoting a uniquely special driving experience.

Authentic Mazda Design

Seamlessly integrating the striking beauty of Mazda’s Kodo: Soul of Motion styling philosophy with the strength, power, and toughness of a practical, functional, and utilitarian hauler, the new BT-50 stands out as a pickup truck with class.

The BT-50's three-dimensional signature wing that anchors its sharp, sleek, and elegant LED headlamps is unmistakably Mazda. Its sculpted front bumper is seamlessly integrated into the front fascia creating a continuous, elegant flow of light and shadow. 

At the back, rear combination lamps take on a similar cylindrical mold as the headlamps. This makes it consistent with Mazda’s preference for a round light design theme.

The new BT-50’s low rake hood, and its pronounced crease lines that extend all the way to the side mirrors, give the impression of dynamism and readiness even at a standstill. Flared fender panels convey an expression of strength and resolve, as what customers would expect from a pickup truck. And its new 18-inch wheel with a two-tone finish provides a stylish accent that expresses power, strength, and depth to support the BT-50 on or off the road.  

The new BT-50 bed has a 1,530mm opening, 490mm depth, and 1,571mm length making it a versatile hauler for cargo of various shapes and sizes. All variants even come with a bed liner for added surface protection for the cargo bed. The 4x4 also has a functional roof rail, enabling additional overhead cargo carrying ability.

Channeling Jinba Ittai

As with every Mazda, the new BT-50’s interiors follow a human-centric design direction, which means each element inside the cabin lends itself towards a more comfortable, intuitive, and relaxed drive. 

Echoing Mazda’s premium direction, the new BT-50’s SUV-like cabin is made of high-quality materials that are seamlessly integrated to provide comfort and convenience for both driver and passenger. This attention to detail is matched in the molded front seats which are covered in fine brown leather (for the 4x4) or cool high-quality black fabric (for the 4x2). For additional comfort, it is fitted with padded leather knee pads and armrests. Matte-finished sculpted accents can be found from the doors to the dash, along with gloss-finish bezels on the air conditioning vents.

The Multi-information Display in the meter cluster shows key information for the driver within his line of sight. It also shows connectivity information which makes changes to one’s music sources easier to achieve.

Seat warmer keeps the ride cozy and soothing especially in the cold outdoors, while electric seat adjustments help the driver achieve the proper driving position. This is complemented by the tilt and telescopic steering wheel adjustments which enhance control and comfort over long drives. 

Bottle holders in the doors are now bigger and can even accommodate a 1.5-liter drink bottle. Perfect to keep passengers hydrated during long drives. A secondary upper glove compartment is also made available to keep additional items in. There are 2.1 ampere USB ports front and rear that provide much-needed power to recharge personal devices. And an Auto-Dimming rearview mirror takes the driver’s mind off from addressing rear-view glare at night.

The new BT-50 is not short on innovation as well as it uses an infrared reflecting windshield glass to cut down the heat entering the cabin. Along with lessening discomfort on one’s skin, it also improves the effectiveness of the air conditioning system during warm days.

A new Remote Engine Start button on the key fob allows the driver to start the engine beforehand from up to 20 meters away and cool down the cabin before he even makes it to the vehicle. Combined with Keyless Entry and Walk Away Auto Lock systems, the new BT-50 makes starting and ending every journey as hassle-free as possible. 

All passengers will enjoy relaxing music with the new BT-50’s 9-inch Touchscreen LCD Infotainment System. Together with Android Auto and Wireless Apple CarPlay connectivity, the system’s 6x9-inch woofers in the front and rear doors, on-dash tweeters, and special roof speakers provide an 8-speaker surround setup that enhances driving pleasure and lessens distractions while on the road.  The new BT-50's cabin has been lined with foam fillers in strategic locations to reduce noise, vibration, and harshness. Along with sound-insulating carpets and tighter door and window seals, a higher level of quietness is achieved.

All these interior design comforts, conveniences, and innovations add up to a familiar premium driving and riding experience that is uniquely Mazda.

Power on Demand

All three variants of the new BT-50 are powered by a 3.0-liter In-line intercooler-equipped variable-geometry turbo diesel engine. With its high-pressure common rail system, heat-insulation coated pistons, and a double-scissors gear that reduces gear noise, this new engine is designed to deliver acceleration from low rpm, operate smoothly, and ensure reliability and dependability throughout its operational life. 

The new diesel engine’s electronically controlled Variable-Geometry System (VGS) Turbocharger ensures power is available over a wider engine rpm range. With 190PS on hand at 3,600 rpm and a maximum 450 Nm of torque available as low as 1,600 rpm, crawling or cruising with the new BT-50 is an effortless exercise. The power mill is paired with a strong and responsive 6-speed automatic transmission that transfers power to the wheels in all three variants. The progressive gearing ensures that power is kept within the ideal rpm band in any given situation.

Ready for Any Surface

The new BT-50’s body and chassis are built with dynamic performance and reassuring strength in mind. The use of high-tensile steel has allowed the creation of a lighter, yet more rigid body frame.  This makes the new BT-50 a joy to drive on or off the road.

Its light steering feel makes it easier than ever to maneuver around town or along trails. The double-wishbone front and leaf spring rear suspension components build confidence and ensure comfort and composure on any surface. 

The new BT-50 4x4 is equipped with an electronically controlled Drive Selector featuring options for 2-wheel Drive Low, 2-wheel Drive High, 4-wheel Drive Low, and 4-wheel Drive High power delivery. Together with an electronic Rear Differential Lock, maximum contact and traction are achieved even on loose and undulating surfaces. It is also equipped with Hill Descent Control and has a ground clearance of 240mm and a wading depth of 800mm.

A Premium on Safety

The new BT-50 is equipped with Mazda Active Safety Technology (MAST), pre-crash safety features that work in harmony to keep you protected at all times. It includes Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS),

Forward Collision Warning(FCW), Blind Spot Monitor (BSM), and Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA).

It is also equipped with 7-airbags, including a Driver’s Knee Airbag, and Front Side Airbags as added layers of safety and reassurance.

Signature Mazda Ownership Experience

Mazda Philippines prides itself on being the only manufacturer that provides a 5 Year Free Service Plan. As with every other brand new Mazda, the plan covers the expenses of periodic maintenance at either 6-month or 10,000-kilometer intervals, for up to 5 years or 100,000 kilometers, whichever comes first.

The 5-Year Free Service Plan follows the comprehensive maintenance and parts replacement schedule recommended by Mazda Japan. It includes the highest-grade Shell fully synthetic lubricant, all scheduled replacement parts, and labor costs. Aside from significant customer savings, Mazda Philippines’ Free Service Plan shields customers from budgeting and cost inflation concerns during the course of their ownership experience.

Along with the 3-year Bumper-to-Bumper warranty included in every brand new Mazda vehicle purchase and Mazda Philippines’ award-winning after-sales service, customers can enjoy the reassurance and peace of mind of premium ownership with the All-New Mazda BT-50.

The Lineup

The All-New Mazda BT-50 will be available in three different trims:

  • Manual Transmission 4x2 - Php 1,390,000.00
  • Automatic Transmission 4x2 - Php 1,430,000.00
  • Automatic Transmission 4x4 - Php1,790,000.00

Color options include Concrete Gray, Gun Blue Metallic, Volcanic Red, Rock Gray, Icy White, Silver Ingot and True Black will also be available for customers with varying tastes and preferences. 

The All-New BT-50 is now available at 16 Mazda showrooms nationwide.

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