LG Styler: Complete Clothing Care, The LG Way

Coming into the second year of the pandemic, cleanliness, and safety is still the number one priority for families. Even as more and more people are getting vaccinated, we still need to take extra precautions. LG has launched its newest product, the LG Styler,  designed to keep clothes fresh and clean without needing to launder them excessively.

LG Philippines introduced the Styler to the local market via an online event hosted by LG Brand Ambassador Stephanie Zubiri. The event showcased the many uses of the LG Styler for individuals from all walks of life. LG envisions Styler as the future of wardrobe management, especially with the Philippines’ unpredictable weather. Normal clothes are easy to wash, but some, such as outerwear like jackets, or dresses with fragile fabric, are a different story. This is where the LG Styler comes in.

From the outside, the LG Styler looks like a slim refrigerator with a fancy mirror finish that would blend well with any interior. Inside, it is so much more. At the core of Styler is the patented LG TrueSteam technology that eliminates 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria found in clothing and toys and is approved as asthma and allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA). Clothes placed on the moving hangers shake out wrinkles and unpleasant odors while the Gentle Dry cycle removes moisture quickly and thoroughly. Heat Pump Drying reduces energy consumption by recycling heat from the hot, moist air inside Styler, and Pants Crease Care creates a crisp crease-line without an iron.

With the Styler, all you need to do is put your clothes inside and run the cycle you need. The clothes come out good as new in minutes, with no fuss and no damage.

The Styler can be controlled using the ThinQ app on your smartphone and lets you operate or monitor precious garments from anywhere, anytime. You can use Cycle Download to add newly developed care cycles.

During the event, event host Stephanie, who’s a mom and a journalist, shared how she loves using Styler to sanitize her kid’s stuffed animal toys. She interviewed Victor Basa and Dra. Vicki Belo both shared their unique perspective on how the Styler helps them at home and at work. Victor, who is an actor and fashion blogger, appreciates great clothing and the transformative power they possess.I have these prized menswear pieces that really make you feel good wearing, a custom suit, Italian bespoke trousers, an heirloom barong - they all deserve the proper care and longevity. The LG Styler is definitely a game-changer. I often have to bring out my seldom used clothes like my barong out of the closet for my hosting gigs and so I don't need to get out for dry cleaning! It’s like having your own valet or gentleman’s gentleman at home, specifically responsible for my clothes. It also looks great in my interior because of the reflective mirror finish and sleek design,” he said. 

While Dra. Vicki Belo, founder and medical director of Belo Medical Group, was elated with her new home dream machine and all its amazing features. I’m obsessed! Thanks to LG Philippines for bringing it here. I saw it in Milan around 3 years ago. The first thing I loved about it is the ease of use! I’m not that techie so I can easily operate after unboxing. I also like the fact that you can practically use it every day. We wear PPEs as doctors in Belo clinics so as soon as I remove it, pasok agad in the Styler. It feels as if I have a whole new wardrobe in my walk-in closet because I have a lot of delicate items that I wouldn’t wear as often, like the couture dresses, so now I can freshen them all up. Also, lahat na we wanna put inside the LG Styler, and not just the clothing, even the stuffed toys of Scarlett.The one-of-a-kind appliance can effectively prolong the life of not only clothes but a whole variety of household items.

In addition, style icon and fashion+travel blogger Laureen Uy with over 1M followers on Instagram posted about how amazing her new LG Styler is. Representing a new way to care for her designer clothes and other accessories, the Styler boasts many practical uses and thoughtful features including a mirror-like finish that fits her snazzy space and chic personality.

lg styler Mayor Vico ignition ph

(L to R): Sungjae Kim, LGEPH managing director; Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto; Young Park, LGEPH product director for Air Solutions

Knowing the need to efficiently eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses in the community, LG recently donated Styler and Wearable Air Purifiers and more than 2000 hygiene kits to the local government of Pasig City through Mayor Vico Sotto. LG has always been a long and ardent supporter of the LGU where the LGEPH headquarters is located. Over the past months, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, LG also donated washing machines, refrigerators, and digital signage displays to help out city frontliners and its constituents.

Seungjae Kim, LG Philippines’ Managing Director, shares his piece on how the LG Styler can benefit Filipino families and the community. The LG Styler provides a fast and easy way of disinfecting your clothes, which is crucial in the time of COVID. It helps keep you and your family safe. It is also a perfect addition to any household, whether you’re living alone or with a family. We also believe that the CSR initiatives we have done, including the recent Styler donation, will make a difference in helping out Pasig City’s civil servants.

Read more about the LG Styler and its features on https://www.lg.com/ph/clothes-styler/lg-s3mfc.

lg styler Jun Lee Steph and MD

(L to R): Jun Lee, LGEPH product director for Home Appliances; Stephanie Zubiri, LG brand ambassador; Sungjae Kim, LGEPH managing director

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