Using the right products for one’s motorcycle can be tricky because every rider has specific riding needs. Passionate motorcycle owners need to keep their bikes in top shape and find the right product for their specific use like more power, longer endurance, or better mileage for their journeys.

Shell Philippines recently launched a new range of Shell Advance fully synthetic motorcycle oils that provide specific benefits for specific motorcycle riding needs.

According to Lorrie Ramirez, Brand Manager of Shell Advance, the line was developed to provide specific benefits to a customer’s motorcycle engine. “They use 99.5% pure natural-gas-based oil and are fully synthetic, so they can provide many benefits to the customer,” Ramirez said. “This new range of motorcycle oils provide all the five benefits of complete protection such as maximized horsepower, enhanced fuel economy, protection against high temperature, clean pistons and superior wear protection, but with one enhanced benefit,” she added.

The three new products are Shell Advance Power, Shell Advance Long Ride, and Shell Advance Fuel Save, with each name explicitly stating what the product was designed for.

Shell Advance Power

A motorcycle engines’ performance ideally needs to be preserved even after it's been in use for some time. Unfortunately, degeneration can happen when motorcycle users do not use high-quality oil that allows oxidation and deposit formation occur.

Key features:

  • Thermal oxidation stability - helps keep the engine piston clean and free-running; making sure engine performance is preserved.
  • No power loss - based on two separate field trials covering up to 20,000 kilometers, motorcycles lubricated with Shell Advance Power did not experience any power drop compared to when they were new.

Shell Advance Long Ride

Motorcycle engines used on long rides can be subject to highly unfavorable conditions. Oil that is subjected to high temperatures for extended periods of time will evaporate and cause oil levels to drop. Oil viscosity will also increase and affect it's the ability to lubricate the engine.

Key features:

  • Oil volatility control - makes sure that oil levels are maintained for effective lubrication to the engine, with less top-up required. It is expertly formulated to endure long rides of up to 6,000 kilometers.
  • Robust formulation - High-quality oil ensures that the oil will last longer without compromising engine protection and performance. Shell Advance Long Ride is 17.9% more oxidative stable than the leading competitor’s product, and will keep the engine running effectively longer.

Shell Advance Fuel Save

There are also motorcycle riders who prioritize fuel economy, such as those who use their motorcycles to go to and from work.

Key features:

  • Pureplus Technology-derived base oil has uniformly sized molecules that result in less friction and smoother components movement hence, less fuel consumption. This is a feature that is not normally experienced in a mineral-based motorcycle product, and the reduced fuel consumption did not affect durability. An additional five kilometers per liter was noted when compared to a similar bike with mineral-based motorcycle oil after a 12,000 km test under realistic driving conditions.

Shell advance fully synthetic motorcycle oils are available at Shell Service Stations nationwide. For more information about Shell and its products, visit www.shell.com.ph.