Gary Valenciano’s pure energy is being channeled towards a new endeavor. Pray.com, the world's number 1 app Christian faith app for daily prayer and Bible-based audio content, has tapped the country’s top singer/songwriter and ultimate performer, to be its Philippine ambassador. This new engagement highlights one of Gary’s most enduring passions, which is connecting to the power of God through prayer.

Known for his unwavering Christian faith and devotion, Valenciano is the ideal choice for this prayer app co-founded by Steve Gatena five years ago. “Gary V is an inspiration to Pray.com and the world. The way he talks about his faith, his willingness to reach out to people directly, and encourage them to pray – it’s special. With so many out there struggling with mental and spiritual health because of the pandemic, Gary has chosen to share his voice with all of us. Now you can pray with Gary V anytime on Pray.com," said Gatena.

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Steve Gatena, co-founder, Pray.com

For his part, Valenciano revealed how honored he was to join Pray.com and to introduce the empowering prayer app to Filipinos. “I want to encourage everyone to pray. I have survived so many health challenges. I am here with you today only by the grace of God. I am unashamed to share my faith in my Lord Jesus Christ. I am grateful, first of all to God, and to Pray.com for giving me a platform to help others draw closer to the Almighty God who gave His only Son to save us,” said Valenciano.

Launched in 2017 with a mission to grow faith and cultivate a community, Pray.com now reaches more than 10 million people globally through its mobile app and website. In this new venture, Valenciano becomes the voice behind bible stories like Joseph as well as meditation prayers that will inspire his millions of fans.   

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I want to encourage everyone – no matter what you are going through – (to) take a moment, stop, and pray.  Prayer doesn’t have to be complicated. Start a conversation with God who loves you, God who is everywhere, God who knows you and hears your every cry. The Word promises – we can approach His throne of grace and always, we will find help in our time of need; He who has promised is so much more than able,” Valenciano added.

The Pray.com app is a convenient way to incorporate prayer into one's daily life as it provides encouragement and inspiration through daily prayers, pastor podcasts, and Bedtime Bible Stories. The platform has multiple functions that can be accessed by registered users. This includes morning prayers, prayers before bedtime, audio Bible stories, Christian meditations, prayer plans. The app also hosts podcasts of pastors from around the world including globally renowned Christian personalities like John Piper, TD Jakes, Joyce Meyer, Manny Pacquiao, and even Philippine pastors such as James Aiton of Favor Church, Paul and Shoddy Chase, Mylene Evangelista of New Life Church, and Bo Sanchez of Light Of Jesus Family. It also has inspirational music of different genres. 

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In a time of global crisis, prayer is a path to guidance, healing, and comfort. Valenciano and Gatena hope that Pray.com will become part of every Filipino’s life as we navigate the uncertainties of a world in great turmoil and persevere to overcome them. 

Pray.com is free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The use of Pray Radio, Podcast Channels, daily prayers, and prayer requests are free, however, a yearly subscription of USD 49.99 (USD 4.17/mo) is required to access the Premium Audio Bible Experience. This includes access to Bedtime Bible Stories, Biblical Sagas, Meditations, Kids Stories, Prayer Plans, Music, Inspirational Stories, and Book Summaries.

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